We Need All Our Employee, Family Members, Customers, Reader and Supporters Help With The Upcoming 2016 Readers’ Choice BallotVOTE


There are two stages to the ballot: a Nomination stage and a Voting stage. The Nomination stage determines what categories are most important to the consumers and what businesses appear on the ballot during the final Voting stage. Dates for each stage are listed below.

Nomination Stage –
August 22 – September 11, 2016

For each category, type in your choice for that category and tap/click the Nominate button. Please only nominate locally owned, independent businesses; national brands (i.e. Amazon.com, Best Buy, Olive Garden, etc.) will not be accepted. All categories with at least two nominated businesses will be transferred to the final ballot for the Voting stage. After all nominations are tabulated, nominations are reset and all businesses start with zero (0) votes for the Voting stage.

Voting Stage –
September 19 – October 10, 2016
The top two to four nominated businesses in each category are listed on the ballot. Select your choice for each category or write-in your favorite if it is not shown. Click the Vote button for each category to save your vote. Your progress is saved as you go, so you can leave and come back later to finish.

Our category should be found under Super Services and the category is: Retirement Living Residence.


Please share this with your friends, and family members. We need your help and support to expand the name recognition and the unique services providing at Dodge Park.

We would like to personally thank you in advance for all your help and support.

Micha Shalev, Ben Herlinger, and Carrie Lindberg