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Dodge Park Dietitian

Cara Zechello, M.Ed., RD, LDN is the Regsitered Dietitian for the residents of Dodge Park. SHe writes a monthly column for the Dodge Park Newsletter that can also we found here on the Dodge Park website.

She has a wealth of healthy, nutritious knowledge available to the residents and their families. She is available to meet with family member to address any concern or questions regarding dietary needs or special diet for their loved one.

Cara can be reached at Dodge Park number (508-853-8180).

Award Winning Residential & Memory Care Program

Dodge Park has been recognized by in the category of Residential Care and Memory Care. Dodge Park truly stands out as among the top senior living communities in the country.

Dodge Park is a leading facility for dementia and Alzheimer's care. From residential care to adult day care programs, Dodge Park offers several memory care program options for providing safe, secure, and nurturing environments for adults with memory impairments.

Nutrition Articles by Cara, the Dodge Park Dietition.

Beta-Glucans…What are they and what benefits do they provide?

Beta-glucans are carbohydrates, or sugars, found in the cell walls of some plants such as oats and barley. Beta-glucans are one form of fiber called soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is recommended by Registered Dietitians to help improve cholesterol levels. Scientific...

Alcohol Consumption and the Risk of Developing Dementia

Some of the detrimental effects of heavy alcohol use on brain function are similar to those observed with Alzheimer disease (AD). Although alcohol use may be a risk factor for AD, it is difficult to study this relationship because of similarities between alcoholic...

Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts About Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a grain that has become more of a household name in recent years. It belongs to a group of foods called “ancient grains” due to their historical beginnings. Quinoa has been consumed in South America for thousands of years and was once...

Breakfast – Make it Count

In order to take care of our bodies and give ourselves the energy that we need, we must find a way to eat breakfast everyday. When we wake up in the morning following an overnight fast, our body craves nutrition. Without breakfast, our bodies cannot function as well...

Putting Good Nutrition in the Lunchbox

Whether you’ve got kids heading back to school this fall or you brownbag your lunch to work, making sure nutrition makes it in there is important for good health and energy to finish the school or work day. Balancing lean protein with complex (not sweet) carbohydrates...

Is There Such a Thing as “Brain Food?”

Studies are suggesting that a healthy diet and good lifestyle choices can have a positive impact on one’s cognitive function later in life. Nutritive compounds such as antioxidants, phytochemicals and the B vitamins are particularly of interest to scientists studying...

Put Nutrition Back into Your Routine

How was your summer eating? Do you tend to go light in the summer with a bounty of fresh local fruits, grilled chicken, fresh vegetables from your garden? Or have your weekends been filled with fun barbecues, fried seafood at the beach, and picnics consisting of...
With today’s ever-growing focus on health, our directors are reinvesting in the food programs and leaving largely processed food behind in favor of natural, healthier ingredients. Between our nursing and dietary staff we are trying very hard to  capture all food allergies and dietary concerns as comprehensively as possible

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