Providing a safe, familiar, yet stimulating space.    

At The Adult Day Club Our mission is to promote the dignity and well-being of each individual and to support living a richer, fuller life.

At The Adult Day Club at Dodge Park we are committed to eliminating loneliness, helplessness, and boredom among our guests. We will provide loving companionship and the opportunity to participate in purposeful and meaningful activities. The Day Club at Dodge Park is a warm environment where everyone is welcome and where guests, families, and care partners are treated respectfully, including recognition of individual, cultural, and religious preferences. We operate with the highest of integrity and ethical practices. We take pride in contributing a valuable service to our community. Our goals include the never-ending efforts of enriching the lives of our guests, and building upon their skills, knowledge, abilities, strengths, and talents.

The Adult Day Program is a social supportive model located at the lower level at Dodge Park in Greendale mall area. Ten to fourteen guests attend daily to eliminate loneliness, boredom, and depression.

The Day Club is a non-medical program serving guests who are in the earlier stages of the disease process. We follow a guest-directed philosophy giving our guests the ability to exercise decision-making and personal choice.

Award Winning Residential & Memory Care Program

Dodge Park has been recognized by in the category of Residential Care and Memory Care. Dodge Park truly stands out as among the top senior living communities in the country.

Dodge Park is a leading facility for dementia and Alzheimer's care. From residential care to adult day care programs, Dodge Park offers several memory care program options for providing safe, secure, and nurturing environments for adults with memory impairments.

Who uses the Day Club?

Who uses the Day Club?

Adult day care gives respite to caregiver

Many caregivers who work outside the home are unable to stay home to care for loved ones. In addition, caregivers who do not work outside the home may wish a break from care giving to run errands, socialize, or simply to rest.
How long do participants stay?

How long do participants stay?

Care at Dodge Park Day Club is 7 days a week

Participants attend the program for several hours a day to a full day (ten to twelve hours), up to five days a week. Dodge Park offers extended hours, as well as offering care on Saturday and Sunday. 
Funding for Adult Day Care

Funding for Adult Day Care

Funding for families for adult day care

Day Care at Dodge Park is affordable, long-term care insurance may pay for adult day services, depending upon the policy. Dependent care tax credits may be available to the caregiver as well. Medicare does not cover adult day care costs.
The Day Club participants also have an opportunity to interact socially with peers and share in stimulating activities.

Most importantly, they are part of the community through outing to movies, sports events and restaurants.