Life at Dodge Park Rest Home and Day Club.    

Dodge Park is a Caring Super Star!

Dodge Park Rest Home is pleased to announce it has been selected as a “Caring Super Star of 2017” for service excellence in memory care, since 2012.

Some of the positive feedback that led to Dodge Park Rest Home earning the Caring Super Star 2017 award includes:

  • Excellent team work and great staff retention history
  • Commitment to excellence in care across all facility department
  • An ongoing intensive dementia training to all staff members

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Individual, Safe and Stimulating

Individual, Safe and Stimulating

Essentials to our resident programs

Our award winning program at Dodge Park Rest Home is focused on the individual and on providing a safe, familiar, yet stimulating space specially designed to provide comfort and security in an environment specifically for memory care.

Embracing Strengths & Capabilities

Embracing Strengths & Capabilities

The core of our resident program

We offer an individual care program with activities that embrace our residents’ strengths and capabilities. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for adults with memory impairments.

Ongoing Intensive Training to Staff

Ongoing Intensive Training to Staff

Adding strength to our resident programs

The trained, experienced and caring staff knows that memory loss affects every resident in different ways and focuses on understanding each individual to provide care tailored to his or her needs.

When forgetfulness is compounded by ongoing issues such as difficulty solving simple problems, or changes in mood and behavior, a more serious underlying condition may be present. 

Memory care becomes necessary as your loved one’s ability to take care of his or herself diminishes.

Find the peace of mind you’ve been looking for with the memory program at Dodge Park.