January 19-25 is “Hunt for Happiness Week”, according to the Secret Society of Happy People.

Why not start your own chapter of the Secret Society of Happy People. You do not even have it keep it a secret. After all you do want your staff and residents to be happy and here are ideal ways and activities to do just that.

Hunt for Happiness Week

Hunt for Happiness WeekThis year each day will focus on a different area of the residents’ and staff’s life to do a little happiness hunting. The Secret Society of Happy People describes 31 types of happiness. For a list of them, go to http://activitiesdirector.blogspot.com/2013/11/31-types-of-happiness.html For higher functioning residents, you can focus on these. However for lower functioning residents, just focus on things that make them happy.

One thing you can do is to pass out “Secret Society of Happy People” Coupons. For a copy of one go to http://activitiesdirector.blogspot.com/2013/11/secret-society-of-happy-people-clip-art.html You and /or your residents, volunteers and staff could design coupons as well. Print the coupons on colored paper and when you see someone, even strangers, experiencing a happy moment give them a coupon. It’s a borrowed moment for the giver and a fun moment for the receiver.

Have the staff, residents and/or volunteers, take a happy challenge during the hunt for Happiness Week. That is have each person write down at least one happy moment each day. If residents need help perhaps you could make teams of staff and residents. They could work together to find happy moments. For really low functioning residents, document at least one moment a day that makes them smile.