“Just to let you know. Sunday lunch with mom was a big success. We took her out for a wheel chair walk to the park before hand.  Learned very quickly we should have foot rests on the chair. Ran back and got them. Went only as far as the gazebo.  When we said it was time to go back for lunch, she said “Let’s get goin.’ ”

Nola was great and helped make lunch easy and special.  We noticed that Jo came out of her shell during the meal.  Maybe due to conversation and company. We know this but, it was encouraging because it helped us to see again that visiting is positive for her.  By the end of the meal she started to become agitated and we headed up stairs. Don’t know who but someone immediately spotted us and said,  ” I’ll take Jo, she needs to be toileted. Are you leaving?” The staffer waited until we said goodbyes.
I know you must hear this a lot, but you guys are the best.”

Thank You,
John and Lisa