“When I first determined that my husband had dementia and needed to be taken care of, I looked around the city for an adult day facility. I went to visit them and some of them were in basement of churches and people just sat around the table. Some of them didn’t start til 9 o’clock and I work and needed to be at work by 7am. When I went to Dodge Park, it was very homey. It felt like you were going into someone’s livng room. The adults that were there were playing games and working on projects. I saw a big difference in other adult day facilities.

The activities were varied. They do some active things like yoga and bowling. They have scuplturing and painting. They also have word games and card games in the afternoon and singalongs. I like it there because there’s a good variety of things. Some of the things my husband would say he doesn’t like but then something would come up that would catch his interest. I really like that. The staff is very helpful in letting me know what I could do to help make my husband be comfortable and for him to have a good experience there.”