This month we started a new monthly composition contest between all Dodge Park employees. In this contest all employee (if wishing to participate) need to write about their unique experience at Dodge Park and how the work and/or residents touch their heart. The winner of this first contest is Bridget T.

Here is the first one:

Relationships play a major role in dealing with persons of all classes. This also applies to residents of our rest home, though they have been affected by some physical or mental disorder. It was a challenge when I was put in charge of resident Gloria but this brought a change in my life.
My prayers for her brought a divine intervention which I now notice in her behavior and friendly attitude towards me during the period of eight hours we spend together in this rest home. We exercise, share love and have fun, I’ve gotten to know her likes and dislikes. She enjoys baby treatment and companionship while she walks up and down the halls of the building. This also helps me to lose weight and exercise my legs. There is now pleasure and joy in attending her. I sometimes reach home tired and sleepy which makes me rest well and ready for the next days job.
My experience in caring for resident Gloria has taught me that any duty one undertakes needs a display of respect, compassion and a practice of the Golden Rule – do to others as you would have them do to you. One should perform an assigned duty as if he/she is the owner of the rest home. When you look at things in that way you will be satisfied within yourself enjoying the task. Dealing with a difficult resident needs patience, love and respect to make each resident feel important. They need to be treated like any one of us. Equality in dealing with residents makes tasks easy and perfectly done according to performance standards.

Bridget T. – Aide