Let’s face it, we live in a digital, fast paced and networked world. Information is at our fingertips and every day it is becoming more portable, accessible and even personal. We have the ability to keep in touch and get daily updates on our entire social network through websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Blogging now offers a resource for people who want to sift through the massive amounts of information that gushes out from a simple Google search. Who wants to hunt through 20,000 search results when researching the latest news about Alzheimer’s?

Companies are following the networking trend with tremendous force and taking advantage of the ability to connect with their clients on a very real and personal level. Dodge Park Rest Home, The Adult Day Care at Dodge Park and our new addition Dodge Park At Home are right there doing the same. In the past few months, we put forth a great effort to connect more with the social networks, communities and families.

On Dodge Park main web page, links to all three of our social network sites are readily available. From the Dodge Park Facebook page, employees, customers, and even fans can connect and share their personal stories and gratitude. Newsfeeds and updates of events are put up weekly along with photos of our unique monkey therapy, hot dog celebrations, ice-cream parties and our classic family get together barbeque.

As the world continues to change, Dodge Park Health Services will continue to offer the best and most reliable resources to everyone. While there is a lot of “stuff” online about celebrities and Twitter posts about people’s lunch habits bombarding us daily, Dodge Park Rest Home, The Adult Day Care and our new addition Dodge Park At Home promises to do our best to offer relevant and valuable to information.
Visit our blogs at: www.DodgePark.com, or visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/dodgeparkresthome