Dementia … Now What Do I Do?When it comes to Alzheimer/dementia, do not depend solely on your physician, neurologist or gerontologist. Do research by reading and looking at a variety of helpful therapies. With just a little effort on your part, it is easy to surpass the knowledge of these professionals and what is best for your loved one.

Four Suggested Readings:

  • Awakening from Alzheimer’s by Peggy
  • The Coconut Oil & Low-Carb Solution
    by Mary Newport, MD
  • Contented Dementia by Oliver James,
  • Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD

All drugs and supplements may have side effects. It is important to let the lead physician know about intake and changes in a health regimen. Look for side effects and how common they may be. Also double check on the recommended dose and how often can it be reduced or increased for ultimate benefits. Blood profiles are very helpful to track progress or possible health problems. Seriously consider the 4 horsemen for good health. Request a list via email at

Four Suggested Therapies:

  • Herbalist, Natalia Bragg, and the 4 horsemen for good health for a strong foundation (1-207-455-8386)
  • Reiki for someone living with dementia and also for caregivers (1-207-231-1272)
  • Intuitive healing with Richard Rankin, DC; he is doing a trial with dementia patients (1-501-525-6200)
  • Face Reading for person-centered care; the face registers a person’s life history (1-207-764-1214)

Along with this information, please let the doctor know so you can form a stronger team in
providing the best possible dementia care to someone you love. Always question and research
any pharmaceutical prescriptions the doctor may want to administer to someone diagnosed
with Alzheimer/dementia. There may be a better natural formula. Contact Natalia Bragg to find out about a natural alternative (1-207455-8386). It could save you love one’s life.

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Dr. Ethelle G. Lord, M.Ed., DM
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