elderly couple

You are not the only one struggling with this question. This question is debated every day by a lot of concerned families… just like you

In order to make an educated decision, you will need to bring together,  a small group of people that will help you reach  the decision.

Should I keep my parents at home or start looking for a long term care facility?

Talk with your parents Primary Care Physician, your siblings, and any other family member that  involved in their care. If you have reached the decision to keep your parents in their home, please make sure they are SAFE.

Here are my tips to enhance your parent’s safety:

  • Install grab bars in the shower
  • Remove all moving floor mats
  • Install an elevated toilet seat with handrails
  • Improve lighting
  • Check the smoke detectors
  • REMOVE all expired medications, and medications that are not on their current  list.

Please, consult with your insurance agent how to best protect your parent at home.

  • Care givers should be insured and bonded
  • If they drive your parent to a medical appointment or any outings, check their driving record and insurance policy
  • Remove any mail that includes credit applications or requests for donations.

Stimulation is the key for your loved one cognitive condition; don’t let them sit  in front of the TV all day long.  See what an adult day care, or senior centers programs in your area can offer. Outings can also bring a big smile to their faces.

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