Share, Support, and Learn as You Care for a Loved One with Memory Loss 

Memory Loss 



Support Group

Share, Support, and Learn as 
You Care for a Loved One 

with Memory Loss

• Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia?

• Dealing with behavior that is challenging, difficult or frustrating?

• Feeling anxious, depressed or stressed?

Caring for a loved one with some form of memory loss is a 
challenging and often overwhelming task. Our complimentary 
support group is for caregivers and family members with loved 
ones suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. It offers an 
informal setting to share feelings, ideas, concerns and even 
some laughter.

We can help caregivers with support, education and strategies 
to help you learn more about the disease and how to deal with 
difficult situations. We brainstorm creative solutions for 
challenging caregiving situations and each meeting is facilitated 
by a professional trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Activity and supervision for memory impaired individuals will be 
provided for FREE by our professional team during the meeting. 
The caregivers support group is open and free to everyone.

Meet Dennis Goguen

Dennis Goguen received a Masters of Social Work from the 
University of Connecticut as well as a Masters of Education from 
Boston University. He has practiced social work for over 40 years 
in the public healthcare system and for the past 25 years has 
worked at Clinton Hospital’s Geriatric Medical Psychiatry Unit 
working with older adults who suffer from progressive cognitive 
disorders and late life mental health issues. He has also been a 
caregiver to a loved one with dementia.

Mr. Goguen has been specially trained to lead support groups, 
has lectured on the subject of memory loss, is a trained social 
work educator and now leads one of our monthly Caregivers 
Support Groups.

Please Contact us to Receive the Zoom Address Prior to the Meeting.

Email or Call 508-853-8180

Our Virtual Support Group will meet the third Wednesday of each month

starting Wednesday, October 21st at 6pm |