What Sets Dodge Park Rest Home Apart

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Person-Directed Care
Instead of staff-directed routines, schedules and care, our team organizes its hours, patterns and assignments to meet our residents’ preferences. All neighborhood team members have consistent assignments allowing them to develop greater bonds with residents and family members.

Purpose-Built Design
Dodge Park Rest Home successfully integrates the principles of person-directed care with an environment specifically designed to help those with memory impairments lead a safe and meaningful life. Our purpose-built design promotes partnerships with families while integrating the latest technologies and safety innovations in a relaxed homelike setting. The result: security, peace of mind and comfort.

Partnership with Families
Our commitment to family participation is distinguished by ongoing communication. Before a resident even moves in, our dedicated staff conducts extensive interviews with family members so we know his/her history, interests, daily routines and the like. Once the resident moves in, our staff is empowered to interact and engage families in all aspects of care.

Our Team
Our certified and licensed caregivers are passionate, nurturing, highly qualified and committed to receiving ongoing education in the latest techniques in caring for those with memory challenges. Our caregivers are permanently assigned to a specific neighborhood to ensure residents will have continuity in caregivers. This allows the staff member to know each resident’s likes, dislikes and which approaches work best with each individual resident. Licensed nurses are on-site and physicians are available seven days a week 24-hour a day.

At Dodge Park Rest Home, we promote wellness-focused living that can be felt in every service and lifestyle we offer. Our age well program is designed to stimulate physical, spiritual, nutritional, emotional, social and intellectual well-being to ensure residents have everything needed to live life to their fullest ability.

At Your Service
Our signature customer service program is perhaps our defining difference. Nowhere is there a community more dedicated to ensuring resident comfort and happiness. At Your Service is an attitude, a commitment to delivering an unmatched level of service, hospitality, dignity and respect. It is our guiding philosophy in our quest to make living at Dodge Park Rest Home a life-enriching experience for residents and their families.